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General Rules

Post  Administration on Wed Jan 11, 2017 8:42 am

Here are the 8 Kitty Commandments! (please read this)

1. Swearing.
I will allow some amounts of swearing! Stuff like "Hell" and "Damn" are okay IF USED IN MODERATE AMOUNTS. You don't need to swear every other sentence. I'd appreciate it if you didn't use the more 'offending' words such as the f word though.
If I see too much swearing or get too many complaints, I WILL ban it completely. So please use your freedom wisely.

2. No powers!
I do not want powers on this website. Powers tend to mess up the role-play, and if one person has powers everyone has to have powers. And then suddenly we're all super-cats.
Powers include: Healing powers (apart from natural herbs and TIME.), flying, wings and or other mutations, having lasers fire out of your eyes- anything that's UNNATURAL.

3. No power-playing!

If it wasn't obvious that "no powers" meant "no power-playing" this should keep things in check.  Power-playing is more or less where your cat is perfect in every way. Cats get hurt in battle and that's that. You cannot dodge every attack, or be a super-strong cat who can just throw others around like they're ragdolls. Keep it realistic! Take as much damage as you deal to your enemy!

4. No reincarnations!
Cats simply do not come back to life UNLESS they are a leader and were given nine lives. Often when people allow people to have a few reincarnations, everyone forgets who used them up and who didn't and suddenly no new cats are in the clan because no one ever dies and stays dead. So I'm simply saying NO REINCARNATIONS.

5. No sexual language!
I don't care if your cats have mates and a family, that's all peachy. But no one wants to read the act of cats mating.  We don't need any other details other than medicine cats helping the kits be born.
Also, PLEASE keep your kits in the nursery along with the queens! When cats are about to have kittens they find a place to stay and keep them there. In the books the kits stay in the nursery until they're old enough to be apprentices, or leave with their MOTHERS to play in the clearing of a clan camp. No runaway kits!

6. Actually do some work.
Try to actually BE a cat. Your cats aren't going to age up from a kit to an apprentice in a day or two. And if you're an apprentice, you HAVE to have at least a few days of 'training' under your belt before you become a warrior. This may have some exceptions to it depending on how active the members are, or just what members are free to take on apprentices.

7. Put effort into your posts.
We do not need loads of chatspeak in your posts. Try to keep it to a limit when in character. You don't need to have perfect grammar or sentence structure while role-playing, but a little bit of effort to make your post would be fantastic considering there is a 200-word minimum.

That said, I'm not too picky about which way you decide to rp. I don't care if its first person, second person, third person, or even using ** to show action. Whatever works best for you.

7. Don't be a cat hoarder.
The minimum amount of cats/OCs/characters per member is 6, not including inactive or dead characters. If you have an overload of kits or an extra character you want to give up, please, post under the Request & Adoption forum so that someone else can take over that character. Whether you like it or not, roleplaying a character even once in the roleplay forum still affects the other person's character in some way so you cannot just pretend that cat never existed, you have to put it up for adoption or kill it off. Also, you are only allowed to adopt one kit from any litter sired or kitted by any of your cats. The rest, if any, other kits will have to be put up for adoption. If you are a Premium Member, however, you will be able to have up to 10 cats and be able to adopt up to 3 kits of your litters (presuming you have enough room).

(Random OOC Fact: No duplicate accounts and only one account per player! We know if you are making extra accounts so don't be silly and get yourself banned permanently!)

8. Random IC Rules...
You shall not power play. You cannot end your name in the suffix -star unless you are a leader. No cyber bullying. No spamming. Please make right decisions. You shall not talk of self-harm or drugs. Do not disrespect any of the staff or other members. Only leaders or deputies can make ceremonies. Only medicine cats and medicine cat apprentices can heal cats and know herbs. Do not kill another person's character without the other person being willing to do so, seek permission first. You cannot raid or attack another clan without permission from the leader. You cannot control someone else's character without their permission. You cannot be or claim a high rank unless you are one. There shall not be two cats in the same Clan with the same warrior name, and there shall not be two leaders with the same name. DO NOT flag for fun. If your roleplay cat is in a Clan it must have a warrior/apprentice/kit name. Type the code word hemoglobin, in you character submission form in a random location to join in IC roleplay to be able to have your cat submitted and approved to show you read these rules. DO NOT steal any graphic art that is seen on the site. Be patient for someone to respond to a roleplay. Please be kind.

9. High Rank Rules
All high ranks must attend a gathering unless they give an excuse. All high ranks must be active at least twice in two weeks. If a high rank breaks a rule and continues to do so, they shall be stripped from their position. If a high rank goes inactive, they must give a strong excuse or they shall be stripped from their position. Leaders must perform at least two ceremonies or Clan meetings every month. Medicine cats shall not create a prophecy without permission from the owner. Deputies must send out a patrol every week. If a high rank needs to leave the site they must give a reason before they do so. High ranks can not change their cat's appearance. Medicine cats cannot have a mate (unless secret to the leader ;}) or they will have to talk will their leader about the consequences. High rank and staff's word is law. Owner's/Administration word is law above high rank and staff's. High ranks and staff members may only have up to two other accounts than the one they already have that is a high rank or staff member.

10. Get Approved!
Read through the Joining Rules and fill out your character submission sheets and get your cats approved before you start to roleplay! If a Mod or Admin sees that you are roleplaying with a cat that has not been added or approved you will be banned from roleplay for a week! If continuing to break this rule, it will result in a permanent ban.

            Thank you for reading!~


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